my experience

The stench of death was everywhere. As the weary knight walked his horse slowly through the twilight, he could see that this village, like all the others he had traveled through, had been ravaged mercilessly by the plague. Bodies littered the streets, heaped side by side with rotting animal carcasses, and the gathering darkness echoed with the rumble of death carts and the screams of the dying.

He ventured further into an inn nearby. As he sat calmly at the bar he asked for a beer. He didn’t see, only two feet away from him, the skull-hollow eyes, the bloody smile so full of teeth, the peeling gray skin. And yet, as an icy chill went up his spine, the knight slowly began to turn. The vampire licked his lips….And then it sprang. Helpless, the knight felt himself being thrust into the center of the room. For one second he struggled wildly, then screamed as the vampire buried its face into his neck……… this is even better than any type of porn huh?