my fairytale

It was a cloudy day,
And I got struck by lighting,
So I toke my black horse,
and started riding,

and whent to the havens
when I came over the forgotten mountains,
I saw the black ravens,
I knew it was evil.
I knew it was faith,
I rode on further,
straight to the havens,
when I reached my destionation,
I saw the pain, of this land forsaken,
It was in that night, Where I decided to fight,
As I toke my sword, I whispered to my horse,
ride to the shores, be fast, don’t make this day, our very last,
With the hounds on my tail,
I rode with the wind, to my final destination.
to the shadowed shores, to win liberation,
And when I arrived, a saw two man,
one was skilled in the black art of god,
the other skilled with the bow,
but what they didn’t know,
that also I was there,
I left my horse, for he wanted no more,
So I walked, al the way, to probably, my last day,
The two man, heared me, but they said: let him be,
for this is not match for him; to weak, and unskilled in this mastery technique,
than the oceans began to freeze, and the sun was set,
it was the arrival, of the last demon left,
With only a breeze of my breathe, I blew him away,
far, far away.
and asked the other two,
you think he’s evil??
than now watch me!!