My Fallen Angel

I want to improve on my lyrics so please criticise all you want…..maybe a little bit encouragment??? lol

In the depths of broken dreams,
Lost smiles and waking screams,
I lost my mind some time ago,
Wish i knew which way to go,

Its like, the oceans of reality,
Soaked me in my misery,
Light turns to shadow, Im falling down,
Becoming deeper in the ground,

Until you, saved me in an unwanted dream,
And showed me things i had not seen,
Is this what its like in paradise,
I just take your hand, and im alive,

From the skies you fell,
In my arms…..tonight,

My Fallen Angel,
Fallen Angel,
Shes my Fallen Angel
Now im free,

Unalone right now,
I can see some how,
How this worlds changed for me,
Changed for me,

Scenes ive never seen before,
I feel alive i am reborn,
And i owe all to you,
My Fallen Angel,

My Fallen Angel,
Fallen Angel,
Shes my Fallen Angel
Now im free,

Broken from the chains,
That held me down so long…..
You are here,
You are my Fallen Angel.

The story behind this is about dreaming of a way out and either becoming so low that you imagine of a better life thats true in your mind, hence the angel metaphor or everything could change in and instant from out of nowhere.

Please tell me what you think

By Skitzin

Over the last year my life has been full of emotions. I have had some kind of depression, which has made me realise how pathetic this world can really be. I have became an outsider to a crowd of happy people. I now try to get rid of all the anger and such, with the use of lyrics, with the thought that i would get it out of my system.