My Fantasy

I was home alone. My parents left on some lame sailing trip, so I got the house all to my self for the weekend. Oh joy.
Asleep on the couch, I felt a hand caressing my face and I bolted strait up and grabbed my knife that I always sleep with. But there was no one there. What the fuck? So I just assumed that I am going nuts. I layed back down and out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone moving. So again I sat strait up, but even before I could get my knife open, the person had me pinned down with a hand over my mouth. I looked strait up, anger burning in my eyes, and saw the most gorgeous man I have ever seen. Long, wavy black hair, and eyes the deepest blue of the sea. His beauty surprised me so much that I gasped. This seemed to please him, because he smiled.
I knew at that moment that I wanted him. I wanted him more than anything I had ever wanted before. He seemed to know this, because he took his hand off of my mouth. He knew that I wouldn’t scream.
He got off of me and said in the most sexiest voice that I had ever heard, “I have been watching you, my love. I know that you desire me, that you have dreamt about me, so here I am. If you wish me to go, just say so, and I will never bother you again, but if you wish me to stay, I will forever more.”
I was so lost in the depth of his eyes, I could hardly whisper the words, “Please stay.”
He then came towards me, so quickly that I barely saw him move. He kissed me and in that kiss was all the passion of a million bleeding souls. He took off my silk night gown in one swift movement and just stared at me with a look of great longing on his face. “Take me,” I whispered.
He took off all of his clothes to reveal the most perfect body I could ever imagine, not too muscular, but toned and perfectly white. There was one scar right below his left nipple, but that was the only imperfection that I was able to see, but to me, it was beautiful.
He crawled back to me, graceful as a lion about to attack its prey. He kissed me again and I felt a wetness between my legs. Then he moved his body closer to mine and I could feel that he was just as aroused as I was. I wrapped my legs around him, encouraging him to enter me, and finally he pushed inside of me. He was so much bigger than I expected, and I gasped with the pain. It was a wonderful pain though. He kept pumping into me, and he started kissing my neck. I was in ecstasy. I then felt a sharp pain in my neck, and realized that he had pierced the skin with his sharp teeth and was drinking my blood. It felt so good, I thought I might pass out. Then, right as I was about to, me stopped. He took the knife that was still in my hand and made a deep cut right next to the scar he already had.
“Drink my sweet, and we will be together forever.”
His blood was beautiful and crimson dripping down his gorgeous stomach. I licked the line of blood and began sucking on the wound. He began fucking me again, harder than before, and again I gasped with pain and pleasure. Then all of a sudden, like fire engulfing us, we orgasmed. I fell asleep right there in his arms.
The next night I woke up and found myself in a beautiful black silk gown and I wasn’t at home. I was in a huge gothic style bed with red satin sheets, the color of blood. The walls of the room were black and there were exquisite paintings and artwork everywhere. Then I looked at the silver table by the bed, and there was a black rose and a note. The note red:
“Sweet awakenings, my love. I hope you are rested, for you will need your strength for tonight!”
I smiled to myself and knew that he meant every word.