– my father – **poem**

Woke up crying last night
Dreaming about you
How you’re never there
And how i never hear from you

You are not my dad
But simply my father
You never call
You never write
As much as i wish you would
You never do

The dreams of you
Keep reoccuring
What do they mean?
I don’t understand

Sometimes I wish you were here
To see me shine
Other times I wish you were dead
Like the memories of mine

You’ve never been there
So i dont know why I want you here now
Never gotten a Christmas gift
Or even a birthday call

Do you even know when my birthday is?
Did you forget that i exist?
You gave up your role as a dad
But you can never not be a father

I am your blood
Even if you don’t want me to be
I always will be

Did you know that I’m smart in school?
And play lots of sports?
Do you know that I wear glasses now?
And play the guitar?
Do you know that I will be 15 this year?
And that i already know, what i want as a career?

No you don’t!
Because you’re never there!
You’ve never been there
And whenever you were,
You were too drunk to remember!

Reading these petty lines
Might make you hurt
But think about the 14½ years
You covered up with dirt!

You hurt me in more ways than imaginable
But do you even care?
I wish i could return the favor
Kick you too the curb,
Like you did to me!

Momma left you,
But i tried to stay!
I called as much as I could
Saw you as much too!
But whenever i was there
You never seemed to care!

So here is this poem
Written especially for you
I hope your proud of me
But I’m certainly not proud of you!

By SuicidalBlonde

I want to go to sleep and never wake up. I just want to crawl under the blanket and wish the world away