My Forbiden Desire

My stomache twists and burns with fire,

My head throbs with a forbiden desire.

The sweet smell of flesh, the warm taste of blood…..

At first a slow trickle, then a gush, then a flood.

The salty sweetness tickles my tounge,

Zaps my mind with an exhilerating stun.

My heartbeat quickens and begins to race,

Lapping up the goodness without a trace.

The visions of a sea of red fills my eyes,

They widen as they wait for the final suprise.

A crimson trail dribbles down my chin,

As I take a step back with a debvious grin.

The mangled body drops to the floor,

Licking my lips I yearn for more.

More of that salty-sweet substance.

More of that forbiden desire,

To calm and settle that raging fire.

And so I search for that smooth red warmth,

To control that craving deep inside,

That is so forbiden, yet so hard to hide.

By 4gottenangel

when life gets you down and your ever in need of a friend or someone to listen to you, I''m always here waiting to help in some way, waiting to help save someone else because I can''t save myself. Waiting in the shadows forever~