My Gift

My Gift

Burning embers in my hand
A passion that won’t always last.
My gift to you, my suicide
And every guilt free day after I die.

I made you do this.
You begged for me to end my life,
Though not in so many words.
Outcast always into the shadows,
Forever watching the world around me turn.
My gift to you, my sacrifice.


Your love, like the fire raging
On the house next door
Could not last.
We were doomed to failure.
Beauty and her beast.

I’m sorry I had to hurt you.
Sorry I had to make you hate me.
But it was the only way.

I couldn’t leave with your love
Still on my mind.
I couldn’t leave with your hand
Still in mine.

Burning embers in my hand.
A passion forced to end.
My gift, a heart that beats solely for you.
My selfish gift, my suicide.

author’s note: this piece was created for the soul use of the band tears of pain.