my gift

sitting here without a friend by my side, i read your pleas and the words you cry. you’re slitting your wrists the crimson blood dripping and pooring down your arms. I look to my own and i see the slice, the blood and all of my pain, suffering, hate, and fear leave my body and pool together in a puddle on the floor around my feet. suddenly the world grows dark and all i hear are the words of those who knew me best. ” I never thought she would.” ” she was alway so happy.” “I can’t beleive i didn’t see it coming.” No one could see and no one could hear the silent screams i yelled in the air. now i’m gone and they are left with the memory of me and the pain that was my only gift.

By Lostinthedark

lost n alone i wander through this world my only friend the darkness that follows everywhere i go