My Goodbye

In the beginning, I knew it would come down
My thoughts, my lies, would be brought around
Today is the day I said Goodbye
To April, my one True Lullibye

I told her the truth that killed me inside
Hoping that over this last wave we’d ride
But, as I knew without doubt of the future
A future for which my love had no cure
I watched her leave, never to return
Never to share the love that I yearn

I watched her leave the room of truth
Of the truth Inside, the ever-present sleuth
Through the doorhole, down the hall
Alone I am with no one to call
I watched her go, get in her car
Seeing all of this from afar
I watched my Love sit and think alone
Wishing that I could warm her heart of chilling stone
I watched her come to her final conclusion
I watched her leave this dreary delusion
I watched her as she drove away
Alone I am now and will stay
Goodbye world, Goodbye life
Goodbye hurt, pain, and strife

To my parents, I am sorry
I wish just once you would have been proud of me
I did what was right, in my heart
Knowing soon that this pain would start
I couldn’t fight it any more
It was tearing up my inner core
I tried my best to pass life’s test
But it seems to have lead me to my final rest

To my friends–it was great
I wish I had your company as of late

To Kevin, Courtland and Kelly–my one true buds
Ya’ll have undammed the river of my floods
The only ones to understand me for who I am
About The Other inside, never giving a Damn
I pray that ya’ll don’t take this wrong
There was nothing that could ease the pain for The One I long
Don’t ever blame yourself–This is all on me
One day when your hope beyond hopes is gone, you will see

Goodbye to all that I have known
Goodbye to all with which I’ve grown
I wish there were more time to speak
But as time goes on I feel my knees getting weak
The darkness that surrounds both day and night
Threatens to put out my last light
I believe I will go now if my legs let
And smoke my last cigarrette

Goodbye my Love, I wish I could have held you longer
Maybe if I could only have been stronger
This was not planned, for Death holds no date
But when He is chosen, is never late

I must go now, I can’t live any longer
I wish that I could have been stronger
Goodbye to All and Goodbye to Life
Goodbye to She that I wished my Wife…

By Blessed

Born on August 20, 1983. Went through really religious period, now in a very dark one...been there ever since. Love scaring the shit out of people that expect you to be good. Read my poetry...see what a Valedictorian really has on his mind.