My Heart’s Thorns

I remember it like it was yesterday. Both of us were still somewhat inexperienced in the realm of love, and shy about it.
It was shortly after a Drag Show that night, a night full of latex, leather, Drag Queens, and sultry advances at each other. Despite the fact that we already were a couple, we still enjoyed making each other lust more for one another.

I can remember her sitting in the passenger seat of my car. Gothed out as her usual self, black vinyl pants gleaming in the moonlight. Complemented her red cotton corset well. She had doe-eyes and black highlighed ruby red lips, with her jet black hair pulled tight to a pony tail. Plenty of rings to adorn her small fingers with the black nail polish. Her skin was soft as silk and white as sand.
She always smiled like she was hiding something sweet whenever I would talk. As though every word kept her alive, and kept the breath in her body. Her brown eyes combed my face as to consistantly seek signs of approval.
Her kisses were sweeter then sugar itself, and warmer then a summer night’s breeze. The way her gentle arms held me as we embraced. My soul would pour from heart, and I would not be ashamed to shiver in her arms.
Now that she is gone, the warmth in my heart has turned to wire. Each day, the knot binds tighter and tighter around my vitae…..soon to choke the spirt from my core.
Until I can find my angel again, I will only feel the dispair of that which I did not embrace….

Dies Irae Vedi

By Azurael

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