My ideas in the room.

A quiet night ,actually dawn…I fell into the arms of Morfeo..Then I woke up realizing I couldn’t see..In that moment I thought my eyes were sealed.But suddenly realized, forgetting my blindness,I was in a room, I felt the short space between the walls I felt anger,joy,lust,love,envy,all sorts of feelings and emotions and didn’t know why.

then I felt the presence of three persons, yet I couldn’t see, not even my own hands.I turned around and saw a human with his arm wide openand his legs falling…now I could see him because of the light given out of a red sun from the North and a yellowishmoon from the South, yet I couldn’t see the other two personsin the room, but I could see the enlightened human, I saw blood running down from his toes,wrists,forhead,and chest.I wanted to help him, but I felt fear and in that moment hedo not fear nor me or yourself, I said how can I fear you if I love you,but then he spoke a rare language that I did not understand and his head fell down as if he had fainted…no…..he did not faint, he had died for me. Then I turned around and saw another human being, this one enlightened thanks to a star from the East,and I realized it was the human I most love, my grandmother,I didn’t want her to go, but she suddenly faded away.Then I saw another human thanks to a star from the west ,my brother, I saw him and thoughtthat I cared for him, yet I didn’t love him. He turned his backon me and stranded still.I now saw a mirror and I could see my self, but felt apathy, but knew if I didn’t love myself how could I love others, so workout and loved myself.Now I felt no presence in the room, but suddenly I felt somebody touching my shoulder, it was Dulce,at first I felt distrust and nonsense ,but after a while I felt a great joy finding herin this room and hugged her with all my strength and knewthat I really,truely and sincerely loved her despite of having a cold heart, she was the first human being other than my grandmotherthat I truly loved, it was incredible I just felt joy and wokeup from a dream, a beautiful dream, surrounded with darkness and a romantic mixed with joy and fantasy, but I thought for a while the meaning of the dream………………………..and figured out the room was a my room of feelings and allof them where to the persons that really mattered for meand not a world that is filled with a negative feeling towards my person. I realized what was truly important and anybody who would like to go in that room, is difficult, you must firstcollect a few keys to open and enter, once you enter, I willrepay the keys you have lost.

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By slayer

The world falls apart.