My lady, my mistress

Dusk descends. The
last of the dying light fade
Consumed by the ravenous night
While Shadows fade

I stand in this endless green field
Losing its life and colors to night
The wind blows ever softly in my ears
Whispering, soothing

The setting sun is just a sliver of light
And then it flashes softly
Heralding the night
Stars begin to wake from their dreamless slumber

As the last of the light touches the field
A figure coalesces
Drawing the night like a cloak
Spinning enchantments

My mistress approaches
Resplendent in her ebony dress
of velvet and lace
Her oval face hidden in her dark tresses

She looks at me
Staring from eyes of deepest black opal
Framed in almond shaped orbs
set in ivory

Her aquiline nose
And high cheekbones
With thin lips
Her smile lost in her tresses

Her arms long and delicate
Draped in the shadows of her ebon dress
Ending in delicate fingers
Cast in perfect ivory

Velvet highlights
Streaks of silver light
Even in darkness
Curves and lithe figure revealed

I stand before her
In this endless field of green
Losing its luster
Bowing before her beauty

I wait for her in this place
Waiting for light to fade
For the shadows to fade
For night to take shape

The wind hums
She speaks now
Whispers borne by the wind
My name she whispers

She walks, the grass bows
Bends but is untouched
Her black velvet dress a soft whisper
Mingling with the humming wind

She nears me
Her face cast in perfect ivory
She whispers in my ear
Her cheeks brushes against mine

Cold it is yet I feel comfort
She looks at me
I look into her eyes
Lost I seem in those opal orbs

She raises her arm
Her fingers touch my cheek
Cold caress
Yet I feel feverish

Her lips touch mine
She closes her eyes
And I lose myself
In her embrace

For a while
Our passions flare
Her cold touch
Drowning me in its embrace

Image of her face
In ecstasy
Her arms encircle me
Her skin touches mine

For a while
Then I turn from her kiss
She opens her eyes
Sadness etched

She touches my face
Tracing the curves and lines
Then she whispers my name again
Longing, loving

Then she turns from me
Her ebony tresses blown
By the humming wind
Her dress a soft rustle on the grass

She looks back again
Her face cast in perfect ivory
Her eyes reflecting infinite sadness
Tomorrow again she says

Her voice carried by the wind
She walks toward the fading darkness
The grass bends but is untouched
Tiny tears they shed

The first rays of dawn
Golden, red and gray
She fades before my eyes
Gathering the last of the darkness

The wind hums again
Tomorrow I will see her again
My mistress, my lady
Who rules in twilight