My last piece of paper

My last piece of paper…what do I use this for? So many things one piece of paper could be used for. So what should I use it for?

Maybe I should draw, or maybe I should build an airplane, and maybe I could mail a letter…. Until you are out of something is it then you realize how important it was, or still is… Some of the smallest objects you would never normally make a big deal out of. Like a pair of shoes you never really used, so you gave them away. Then an occation occurs when you need them, but you no longer have them, then what? So Is that really what I was trying to figure out? What I should use my last piece of paper for, or was it something else….something far more complex than just this piece of paper.

(keep in mind, this was on my last piece of paper) 🙂

By quintessance

I love my fiance', forever....