My Life

I feel it cross my mind
in a whisper around my head.
A hole within that can’t be filled
has decayed and fell away.
This ticking of the death clock
in my head has grown much louder.

The cold air on my neck
has played a special part for me.
The twisted metal and broken parts
have come back as a play which never seems to end.
Every day I hide the same feeling
which words can not describe.
No one can have this feeling
it is one and only and just for me.
I will keep it with me; a black circle of light
which protects me from living a normal life…

By VampyreBloodess

I am a vampyre. I drink blood to survive and feel at my best. Ask me about it if you wish to know more... I like to write poetry and storys. I don't consider myself gothic but I do tend to wear all black...I don't have many friends but the ones I have are very close to me. I am a modern Satanist ( I don't worship Satan) and am proud. I am a bit of an anti-christ...