my life as it is today

theres so much going on right now its hell. everything is going worse. one of my friends tried to help me with my problems because i didn’t know how to stop. i keep cutting myself. my friends name was adriana i don’t know if shes still my friend because she gave up on me along time ago. shes always been there for me, but when she wanted to help me i just pushed her away. she only wanted what was best for me. shes completly mad at me i know now. i should have listen to her and trusted her. now i’ve lost adriana. i’ve lost so many friends because of my habbit of cutting myself. so now i’m even more alone than before. i’ve tried so hard to do my best and to be happy, but it just won’t happen. i thought that their was no one out their that can understand how i fell. i see that i was wrong. theres this girl that i met her names melissa. she nice to me and she really knows how i fell. when i think that everything is hopeless and it doesn’t matter what i do i wil never be happy. shes there to help me. theres something about her that relaxes me and calms me down. i know that it her that inspires me to try harder and not to give up. i’m glad i met her. for now all that i can do is try my hardest and never give up because if i do thing will just only get worse.

By endless pain

i'm always alone and i'm always being hurt.