My Life In Little Words

this is me
im in pain
is this all
gods big game?
my needles are gone
along with my soul
then all the sudden
depression takes a toll
no more words apon my arms
no more blood
no more harm
i feel empty
nothing more to do
i feel like
such a fucking fool
for i never had nothing better to do then cut
untill out of the shower
i was caught
seeing doctors
and cops too
my life has been hell
there is nothing more to do
accept go through
withdraws from my needles
and never see that bright shiney crimson
come out of my arms again
fuck , i guess my life wasnt ment for harm.

By SuicidalJen2007

im a fucked up 15 yr old bitch named jen im a cutter and im depressed , what else is new. im from Seattle and i am bi c ya's later Jen