My love for you…

All around I am engulfed by darkness. My light fades away as memories remind me of you, my love for you. As the Evil One returns night after night, consuming me, filling me with hatred and depression, I think of you and I force myself through the pain. My love for you is never ending. The pain I suffer is a sign that I would die for you. Every night I cry myself to sleep, knowing the Dark One will come and steal away my breath once more. I dream of never-ending pain because I’ve lost you. But yet I press on, hoping to find you and hold you to me. Enticing death lays a promise across my mind, swearing unending love, bringing my suffering to a closure. I know this as a lie. But yet it is so irresistible. I strive to hold your loving image inside me. Death will take me if I cannot have you. The agonizing thought of being without your love sears painfully across my heart. Yet the love inside me burns strongly, never fading, growing stronger, as I lay awake, the Evil One straying from my thoughts…

By XxEtherealxWorldxX

I'm Me. I like to do these things. They rule. I'm random Yea


  1. i really like your work, and i hate to do this, but how do we post on here now???

  2. Thank you

    And lol, sorry…But I don’t know the answer to that question. I just checked my email and it said “Someone has replied to your post.” I was like “What post…” Then I clicked on it, read the poem, and was thinkin “wow that’s awesome, sounds familiar for some reason” And I scroll down and it’s my username. I posted this friggin poem and a couple others about three years ago! I checked around september of 05 and it still hadn’t posted, then I just forgot about it…

    Wow I can’t believe after all this time it finally posted huh? -_-

  3. thanx. maybe they’ll get this one back up and running, i’m not a huge fan of the new one.

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