My Lover and I

I meet my love at my home
to have some company for awhile
while my parents are out for the night
we get comfortable on the couch, and
watch a few late night movies, before
know it we’re on the couch making out
and then he asked me the question that
would end my virginity forever, if i really
loved him i would, and my decision is, yes,
we’re in the bed first i remove my shirt and
then he removes his, he strokes my white
soft skin as i unbutton his jeans, and he
unhooks my bra, i pull off his pants and he
slowly takes of my panties, then i reach into
my drawer when i pull out a condom, he looks
at me with this horny look in his eye, he takes
off his boxers and puts it on, i stare at his penis
in awe, wow so big, and then we start making love,
he grabs his scrotum and starts making his go into
my pussy, how the feeling of it going inside, i make
a groaning sound, and each time he pushes harder
and harder i make more noise, it might be painful
but i know he loves me, and he would never hurt me
on purpose, this is just pleasure, i will remember forever,
we’re done with sex and he leaves for the night, i get rid
of the condom and he gives me a kiss goodnight, he leaves
in the fog of the nightly sky and i close the door and dream
of him all throughout the night.

By Vampyre Lestat

This world is so confusing, I can't understand how I am so different from the rest, of course i have my own opinions and speak my mind all the time. People deserve to know the truth about themselves. I am still young and ignorant towards things, I have a fascination of learning about the dark arts like, gothic culture, vampirism, and stuff like that. I'm not a wannabe or anything like that, i'm not going to say I am anything, you can judge what I am because I don't even know what I am. So if u wish judgement on me, be my guest. And I would also like to give a dedicating rememberance to a special friend, NATHALY BAUTISTA (1989-2003) "We will always remember you always" With Love and Care.....Farewell my friend.