My Memories…….My Sorrows…My Woes(CONT.3)

I awoke to the sound of my brother screaming at the top of his lungs. It frightened at first, the shock of waking up to it, but then I figured he was yelling at the T.v or something.

I rolled over to my side and closed my eyes tightly, as the the sunlight poured into my room. “Damn it! I hate this fucking light!” I closed the black curtain and stood there infront of my window for a few minutes.

My brother, still yelling as I grabbed my hair brush on my way down stairs. “I want you to leave her alone!” He was yelling so loud that the people across the street were looking out of their windows! I slapped the back of his shaven-mohak head, “Who’s that?” He looked at me and glared in anger. “Take one guess…..” I suddenly didnt feel so good, I rubbed my forehead and went back to my room.

I wanted to feel again. I pulled a rusty razor blade from my pillow case. I raised the blade above my arm, staring at the beauty that I was about the indulge myself in. I closed my eyes, as the blade sliced deeper and deeper into my already scared, pale flesh. “Mmmm……” I breathe in the smell of the rusty bloody metal. I licked the blade off of my blade. The blood, dripping slowly down my arm, I lick the droplets off of my hand and bite my wound hard. Feeling very dizzy, I passed out.

I awoke in the bathroom, this time I was covered in cuts and bruises. Laying in a pool of my own blood. I touched my wound and stood up. I could feel that I had lost alot of blood. I was dizzy and so very tired. I wanted to just slice my throat right there. Draven walked in and gasped, “Wendy! Fuck….Not again.” I have always loved pain, but at times I can take it too far. Draven always understood me, it was like he saw the world through my eyes and I loved him for that. He helped me bandage my wounds and cleaned up the blood. He didnt know I used a rusty razor blade and I wasnt going to tell him.

I signed in at under Hell Barbie.

“Hey there room…” Hell Barbie
“Hey there…. I told you, I loved you.” CaptainHowdy666
“Mitch…. Leave me alone! How can you even say you love me? You hurt me so bad…” Hell Barbie
“Awww……Sweets, you know you want me back.”CaptainHowdy666
“Never….. I have a new bf. I’m dating Raven. He treats me with respect.” Hell Barbie
“That litte bitch you were at the mall with? No. Your my woman… That’ll never change…You’ll see.”CaptainHowdy666
“Fuck you asshole! I hate you….Get that through your think skull!” Hell Barbie
“Baby, dont be that way…” CaptainHowdy666
“Fuck off, dont use that baby shit on me!” Hell Barbie
Ravens_Gothic_Crew Signed On
“Hey Wendy…You feelin’ ok today?”Ravens_Gothic_Crew
“Little bitch leave me woman alone!”CaptainHowdy666
“Raven….I’m okay. Mitch wont leave me alone..”Hell Barbie
“Well, doll~face…..I’ll beat that little punk’s ass. 😉 Any thing for a sweet gurl like you.” Ravens_Gothic_Crew
“Aww… touching…NOT! Asshole she’s mine!”CaptainHowdy666
“Raven….Please, dont get involved. I dont want you to get in the middle…” Hell Barbie
“Relax…. I wont let him hurt you. I know what he did to you….” Ravens_Gothic_Crew
“You can expect me, Wendy. I will fuck you….”CaptainHowdy666
CaptainHowdy666 Sign Off
“Raven… I sorta told him your my boyfriend. Sorrie.”Hell Barbie
“Sorrie, for what? I like you, I dont mind. 😉 Hey I gotta go, I’ll call you tonight.” Ravens_Gothic_Crew
“Okay, tonight…. :)” Hell Barbie
Hell Barbie Sign Off

I felt loads better, knowing that Raven along with my brother would protect me. I leaned back in my computer chair and closed my eyes…..

By Sapphire Stone

I am the Demonic Mistress of this world. I have many followers and I have been known to enslave even the darkest and coldest hearts. I was once the Princess of Transylvania, Romania until my father attemped to murder me, after slaughtering my beautiful vampiress mother. My brother disappeared in 1646, he was last seen with my lost lover. I have no family, but I do have the power to enslave and hypnotize any one. I am a vampiress and I fear nothing.