My Memories…..My Sorrows…My Woes(CONT.5)

I remember passing out again and waking up the next morning in my bed. I sat up quickly, my computer screen caught my eye. I thought that I had turned it off, I shrugged it off and waked over to it still feeling a little dizzy.

Every thing that had happend the night before felt so distant, it was all so very blury. I looked at the screen, I saw Mitch’s reason for coming to my house.

“Wendy…..You know I’m the only man that could ever satisfy you. Thats why I’m gonna fuck you when I get there. If you like it or not. Your bitch brother wont stop me. Your mine and only mine. If I fuckin catch that asshole Raven there, I’ll kill him.” CaptainHowdy666

Lucky for me I didnt see that, cuz I would have let him fuck me. He knows that I was rapped before and I feel so powerless around him.

I went to click it off when I saw Ravens screen name go on.
Ravens_Gothic_Crew: Sign On
“Hey there cutie, you feelin better?” Ravens_Gothic_Crew
“Yeah, still a little dizzy but ok…*sighs* Whatcha gonna do today?” Hell Barbie
“Thats good to hear. Probably come and see my sweetie. *winking*” Ravens_Gothic_Crew
“Awww, your sweetie is a lucky gurl. *Blinking* She must be very happy to have you for her love. *gigles*”Hell Barbie
“Well, sweetie…..I’m a lucky bastard to have you. LOL*kisses your lips softly* Wendy, I gotta go. I’ll see you later. bye.”
“Ok, laters. Hunk of burnin love! LOLbye bye.”Hell Barbie
Ravens_Gothic_Crew: Sign Off
Hell Barbie:Sign Off

I turned my compter off and took a shower…… (tell me so far if you think I should keep goin)

By Sapphire Stone

I am the Demonic Mistress of this world. I have many followers and I have been known to enslave even the darkest and coldest hearts. I was once the Princess of Transylvania, Romania until my father attemped to murder me, after slaughtering my beautiful vampiress mother. My brother disappeared in 1646, he was last seen with my lost lover. I have no family, but I do have the power to enslave and hypnotize any one. I am a vampiress and I fear nothing.