my new house

The day was new as was the house that I had just moved into earlier that day. I had been in my room for that past hour unpacking while waiting for my friends to arrive for the house warming party I was going to throw, and the entire time I heard a constant scratching as if there was a mouse behind the wall of my closet, the sound was driving me insane. It was almost as if I could hear something breathing behind the wall along with the annoying noise of a constant scratch that hit me just as if someone was dragging there finger nails down a chalk board. I new that I would have problems sleeping until it was taken care of, but hell there was other things to think about, I had not gotten laid in three months and tonight had to be the night. If not I would have to stoop down to watch another horrible porn that was as old as I am.
I never really understood what was so great about masturbation the first place. After you have had the real thing it just seems so pointless. Well, it doesn’t matter now because tonight Natalie was coming over, and if she wont screw you then you might as well become gay, so my worries were now nonexistent. All except for that fucking sound from the closet that just wont stop!
Well, it was nine o’clock at night now and my friends had been there for the past two hours. So much had happened already that I could not believe my eyes. Not only did Natalie show up but so did her hot friend Heather and for some reason the wanted a threesome and they were looking my way. There could not be any better way to brake in a new house. Ahhhhh the thought of two hot women rubbing there nude bodies together while rubbing up against me. I feel like IM a teen again, I thought to myself “This night cannot get any better,” and I was right, it got worse.
When all was winding down and I took the two little beauties up stairs and they started to complain about the constant scratching coming from my closet. Oddly enough they wanted to find the little bastard making the sound and kill it. Wow they are hot, bi, and are violent. It does not get any better then this. But in the girls drunken violence they decided to grab a baseball bat and put a hole in my wall to find the little rat, but what was on the other side was all but what we thought it would be. There on the other side was not of an animal but rather a human.
Just the sight of this woman made my stomach turn and my head spin as I noticed the small stitches on her throughout from something they did that must have hindered her speech. The loss of her arms and legs, although it looked like she had been born that way, also hindered her from trying to get help. All she could do was drag her broken yellow teeth down the wall making that spine shivering scratch I had heard all along. Natalie screamed at the sight and immediately after she had Heather looked that way.
She still had the bat in hand which soon was sent into the head of the poor girl behind the closet wall. Then I realized that the other night I did not have a dream, that the girl behind the wall was mine. The house I bought simply to make sure she stayed hidden, and well for the girls with me now, they are mine now too.