My One True Love

He was considered the “strange” guy at my school. He was the kid that was outcasted only because of his looks. He was tall and some what skinny with black hair and deep brown eyes. He wore black clothing each day and would always kept to himself. Everyone saw him as a freak, everyone but me. I saw him for what he really was….a master piece.

There was something about him that was so intriguing, it made me think about him all of the time. I couldn’t help it. I felt as if I was going to go mad. So I swore to myself that I was going to go up to him at lunch the next day. Well the bell rang to go to lunch and I was as nervous as can be. I couldn’t think about food or anything else but what I had to make myself do. I spotted him sitting at a table that wasn’t to far away. I took a deep breath in and started walking in his direction.

I was only about two feet from his table when the worst thing that could happen happened. I was looking at him and not watching where I was going when I tripped over my own foot. I landed next to his feet. I felt ridiculous and foolish simultaneously. I wanted to evaporate into thin air. I was so humiliated.

The next thing I know, his gentle hands are helping me up off of the ground. I wanted to cry but I tried to grin instead. We dazed at each other for a few seconds, staring deeply into anothers eyes. Then he asked if I was all right. I just nodded my head, I was speechless.

He invited me to sit with him and I accepted the invitation. We started to talk and I got to know him. I found out that his name was Blake and that he had liked me for two months but was to afraid to say anything to me. After my “little accident” we spent every lunch together at the same table I fell at. We talked about everything like music, stars, movies etc. I could talk to him for hours at a time. He told good stories and was a good listener.

Each day we talked the more we started to like each other. After a month or so of talking we started dating. My life couldn’t have gotten any better. He was what I was missing in my life. He was what made me whole.

On our one year anniversary he bought me a diamond heart necklace that had forever written in the middle (He had saved his money for six months to get me it). He helped me put it on then explained that the necklace had forever written on it because we would always be together. Then he looked at me right in the eyes and told me that he loved me. For some reason I started crying. I wasn’t sad or anything. I was just so happy. Before we started dating he told me that he hated how people would just say that they loved each other without meaning it. So I knew he really loved me.
That was the most special day for me and nobody could ruin it…well so I thought. We were on our way to my house so we could watch a movie and end our night peacefully together. We were on foot because I thought it would be more romantic walking under the stars than driving in the car. We were turning the corner to my street when a drunk driver came speeding toward us. Then next thing I know Blake pushed me out of the path of the green car and got hit.

I screamed out for him with tears streaming down my face but he didn’t move from his blood soaked spot. I got up and ran to my loves side, he was still alive. I bundled him up into my arms and told him that I love him. He started to shiver and spit up blood. I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. Some of the neighbors started coming out of their houses so I started screaming call 911 call 911.

I looked down at Blake with water filled eyes. He looked back at me and in a low voice he whispered forever. His beautiful intriguing eyes turned empty as he slowly stopped shivering. The ambulance came a few moments later but they were already to late. The love of my life had died in my arms.

I will never forget about Blake… I will never forget about the way he made me laugh when I was sad. Or the way he would just listen to me when I needed to talk. But most of all I will not forget the way he could make everything bad go away be just looking at me and smiling. He was the love of my life and now he is gone forever…