My Pain – Poem

You think you know about all my pain,
but i think it’d be better to never feel again.
When your without emotions people think your dead,
but it only makes it easier to put a bullet in someones head.

Few people like me but i don’t care,
try to make sense of me if you dare.
Peolpe say it’s wrong but i think it’s right,
to lay down and die and give up the fight.
Nobody knows what i’m fighting for,
not even my mother who i think is a whore.
My families betrayed me so have friencs like you,
i’ve probably been betrayed by strangers too.
When i look into a mirror i see a demons face,
i nolonger believe i belong in this place.
What about my nightmares and endless bad dreams,
are they supposed to show me what my life means.
You don’t know my life and you don’t know me,
you think my life is easy just try it and see.
Fuck the peolpe who think life is fair,
like the people of 9-11 who flew the friendly air.
They died invain but i cannot,
i’m just a flea a meaningless dot.
An unseen pest an unnoticed dash,
each wrist desrves a nice deep slash.
Like i said fuck it all,
i’ll see you all when you guys fall.

By unforgiven soul

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