My Past, My Present, My Future

My past,
Oh what a terible life I had.
Jelousy and Anger,
Filled me with no end.
Beaten as a child.
Raped as a teen.
Nothing but depression,
People can be so mean.

My present,
It isn’t any better.
Found a true love,
I wish to have him forever.
Broke up with me just today,
Said he needs a break
To think things through.
Sadness in me,
But that I will not let him see.
My scars aren’t fading.
My cuts are still bleeding.
I just want love,
No more hating.

My future,
Oh what a laugh.
My future is failure,
Just like my past.
I have no future,
I never have.
Here is your laugh,
I am going.
So Good-Bye my friends,
I must go.
For my heart will never mend,
And i truely have no happiness within.

By SuicidalBlonde

I want to go to sleep and never wake up. I just want to crawl under the blanket and wish the world away