my personal soap opera

All I need to say to everyone reading my last few posts is…. Truth is stranger than fiction. But sometimes they are fiction…. so if you can tell them apart, more power to you.

I’m not going to take a vote, I’m not interested in how to improve anything. Not my life, my writing, or my grammar…. as for my spelling, hey I’m disgraphic/ dislexic, so like it or lump it.Now that I’ve got that out of my system, here’s the next segment of my story.Well, I did it. I finally got up the nerve to dump the guy. Too bad it was after I lost a friend. I guess he wasn’t that good of a friend. Imagine, hanging up on me just because I won’t let him have my blessing to beat my ex.Ah, well, I should have seen it coming. What did I expect from a guy nicknamed psycho? a level head and forgiving nature?…. not every one can be my mom. I suppose I should move on now….but I’m stuborn.My friend’s birthday is soon, Lets see if I can get back in his good graces again by then. I’ll get him a present any way…. how about a headless teddy bear? nah, too common. and i got him the barbie head for the last major holiday. hmmmmmm.ah well another day another disaster.

By Nevar

i am me...and only with it.

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