my school at a glance

*recieve transmission*

from: mistress faruzah
to: everyone
subj:in my school……

we arent allowed creativity in class

i take that back, creativity is allowed

so long as it’s the school standard

otherwise it’s called disruptive

but their creativity really isnt that creative at all

and when it is, we analyze it until it isnt

the dress code is ok here

nothing too wild allowed, and i wouldnt wear it anyways

although the gang symbol thing is getting out of hand

i mean, if they ever thought about it”

ANYTHING can be a damn gang symbol

god help you if you’re smart

because after four years

they wear you down

hand you a diploma

and you’re on your way to a nice corporate desk job

where you work until you die

my classroom has one window

one fucking window

i should consider myself lucky

most dont even have that

oh they say you’re free to act on what you believe

so long as you stand for the pledge and do what they say

and you better hope they dont think you have “problems”

if they do, guess where you go

a counselor

and if you act like yourself and are truthful

guess what happens

go on. guess

that counselor recomends that you get put in the crazy house

its true

i’ve seen it happen

i’m suprised they havent done it to me

they might though

i still have one year left

just one year

i’ve made it so far

i’ll survive

i wont be put away

i…….shit it’s my teacher


*end transmission

By mistress faruzah

losing your viginity at a church is quite the experience