My Self-portrait

As I see the sad twinkling eyes,
I think of the years gone by
I remember how my hair used to be one color.
Before I got it dyed
I see the scars on my arms

Those scars are the souveniers
They proved my hates and my fears
The cat the dog the razorblade
Brings back the memory of that day.

IT brings me to tears,
To remember how they reacted
The looks and the snears
I received from my family members

THat’s what I look at now
Nothing else matters
Even though i’m prettier somhow
I grew into my nose.

I can’t fly away with my ears anymore
My face has cleared up
And in inches I’ve grown four
My hair’s the right length

But Like them, I always look past it
I only see flaws
I’m not made of glass or plastic
But it’s me. So it’s good.

By ibelieveindeath

i am a cutter. i have been stopped. damn world.