My Story Of Incest

“You ungreatful little bitch!” Is all i can hear down the hall. I heard footsteps comming. I knew who was comming. I locked the door, but i could hear him laughing. Then the doorknob jiggled for a moment and then stopped. I was hoping that would be it, but i knew there would be more. Then, i heard a key go into the doorknob and the door opened. My fear was raising, but i didn’t show it. For if i did, he would kill me.

“You ungreatful little bitch. How dare you try to embarress me infront of my friends! For that, you must be punished.”
He pulled me up from my hidding spot and tide me down to my bed. I felt like a slave, obeying my master. He tide my arms apart and my legs apart. That is when things got scary.

He undid his belt buckel, which had a rebel flag on it. I could see that he was hard. I wanted to cry, but i couldn’t. He took off his pants, got up, and got one of my scarf’s out of my dresser. He then came back and put it on my night stand. He pulled down his boxers and put is cock in my face.
“Suck my dick” he said to me. I didn’t do anything.
“Suck my dick now bitch!” and with that he started chocking me. I opened my mouth and his large dick went into my mouth. I hated doing this. I hated the smell of his cock. I also hated his cum.

He got into a rythem and made me suck on it. It was horriable. All of a sudden i felt his body tence up. I knew he was about to cum. I hated this part most of all. i heard him slightly moan and then it came out fast in my mouth. I pretended to swallow it when he came down t kiss me. I kissed him back and then i injected his cum into his mouth. He sat up and spit it out. Then he looked down at me angerly and smacked me in the face.

“You stupid bitch! Don’t you know when to stop?” He asked me. He then grabbed my scarf and wrapped it around my mouth. He tide it in the back of my head. He didn’t want anyone to hear me scream. He then unzipped my pants and took them off. I cant wear underware because it hurts to put them on because of him! That is when he started to play around with my clit. I hated him being down there. I hated the way his fingers went inside of me.

He then stopped playing around and went to buisness. He put his dick into me and started to have intercorse with me. I started to scream in pain, but all you could hear is muffling becasue of the scarf. He started to go into a rythem again and this time, not like the times before he went faster and faster, all the way in. I could feel the burning sensation down there like i alway feel. I just kept on saying in my mind..lets get this over and done with! I could feel him tighten up. Finally, he cummed all up inside me. It was over! i knew he had football practice in 20 minutes. He got off of me and smiled.

“See, i told you that you were my bitch!” and with that, he left me. I couldn’t hold it in anymore and let the tears run down like water. I then swore to myself I will never let my brother, touch me like that ever again!

By RainbowFreak

Grrr....fine people. I like to bark at people, i like to freak the fucking preps out of their skins! I am a person that will do anything for pain. Pain to me is expression. i would write more...but i don't know what there is much to say about me.