My Story…part 1

When your a child, everything is perfect and all your problems seem far away. But as you grow and get older, you see this world for how it is and what it could be. Movies,magazines,and and other media puts thoughts in out head that life is this great thing and everyone is perfect.

I am not perfect. I’m this big fat this that is only 5 “1 feet tall. I see all these perfect people walking around, and it hurts. A great friend can be messing around with me and I will feel like they will scare me for life. When I say scare I mean,really.I’m a very scared person in this world. Which to me, isn’t the world I would choose to live in. I wish to die, but I’m to scared. My worse fear is being alone. And I know when I die I will be alone in my grave if there is no heaven or hell…….2 be continued

By Darkned Shadow

I guess my bio,would be about me..I hide how I feel and I juss need 2 get it out..threw my poems and lame storys...L8er