My Suicide

A collaborative effort of the band Tears of Pain and MourningStar2002.

My suicide

I feel so stupid
Feel so ugly
But what I don’t feel,
Are your arms around me.
Pulling me close, erasing my pain.

I’m your bitch,
Your little whore,
Your gutless cunt,
And nothing more.
I’m your dope.
I’m your lie.
You’re my rope,
My suicide.

I see my reflection.
My shattered hopes
My broken prayers
But what I don’t see
Are your passionate stares.

I’ll be your wife.
Be by your side,
You’ll be my knife.
My suicide


You know my fears.
You’ve seen my dreams.
But what you can’t hear,
Are my silenced screams.

I’ll be your lover.
I’d be your bride.
You’ll be my razor,
My suicide.


I’ll be your dope.
I’ll be your life.
You’ll be my rope,
My suicide.

I can hear the screams,
Hear the anger.
When I look at you,
You’re still a stranger