My suicide misery

Misery is how I feel
Sometimes it’s too real.
I saw death & laugh in it’s face
But I know it’ll end my fate.
When angels stop dancing around
It’s because it’s coming now.
Death isn’t eveil or good
It’s just doing what it should.
When it lost me,it got pisst off
But that to me isn’t enough.
I feel everyday it’s watching me
Wanting to watch me bleed.
Take a knife,
Cut my vains,
End my life,
Let it rain.
I won’t please it
I won’t leave it.
I’m not gonna lose control
So it’ll take my soul.
I brather laugh at it’s face,instead.

By MisstressKamm

i'm a suicidedal bitch & i don't care what ppl say. i jus love death, gothics, & metal heads.