My Suicide Note

My suicide note,
By Rage ….

Hey , the time you find this letter I should be dead or lost or in a coma. You see this is my last connection to the world and the people around it. Before I go any further I’d like to say hi mom and dad. I love you guys very much. Sorry for doing this to you , but I don’t know how else to ease my mental suffering.

Remember it’s not your fault , you raised me well. I just am mentally disturbed, always have been I guess. Well, anyway I figured that I have lived out my life as I have no more desires for anything. I just don want anything anymore. I don’t want money, friends car’s, bikes or anything. I just want to die, well I guess I did it then.

Please tell sister not to cry and tell her not to follow in my footsteps as she will only make her life more complicated and end up unhappy with herself. And please don’t let brother follow suite too as he is a smart kid. Way smarter than me. It’s not good to be too smart , your head becomes too messed up. Oh and tell my good friend I am sorry for all the incoviniences I caused when we were housemates, as I know I am absent minded and not that easy to live with. Dude thanks for being my friend. Well I have been feeling depressed on and off and I have been toying with the idea of suicide for a few years now. That’s why I speed and do all those dangerous stuff. Trying to get myself killed, BUT I JUST WOULDN”T DIE! ARRGH! WHY WON”T I DIE! Hmm..well…mom and dad, my death would not be a loss in financial terms , well I have always been very good at earning money. And even when I am dead I’ll make you proud by earning as much as possible.

Tell Uncle to take care of himself and his family and not to get into fights. Once again I make it a point , it’s no body’s fault I am dead. I just don’t know what to do anymore being alive. Well I guess that’s it then, and one more thing, please cremate my body and don’t have a big funeral , you all know I don’t like celebrations, and no photo’s of me in the house either, burn them all and don’t do the praying and stuff ok.. Just pretend as if I never existed………Thank you for your time.