My Tale

I sit here alone in my room,
not a mortal nor a soul is in sight,
I always thought of you as to be my groom,
I have written my note, for I can no longer fight.

For I’ve had enough,
he implaed my heart with all his lies,
he has broken my heart,
taken my reason to live,
so now I shall end it all,
without a second thought nor regret,
I slide the keen edge of the blade accorss my neck,
when I’m dead,
the thought of me ever beckoning his soul,
until the day he is dead.
So as the sweet red blood flows,
my hatred and pitty for his poor lost soul grows,
for now I shall burn in Hell,
for commiting such a sin,
but as for his soul,
he shall be stuck in the treterous depths of pergitory,
for now I bid for well,
for I shall see you in Hell.

By GothicPunk666

i am unluved unwanted and pretty much just a worthless pawn in the game of life