My view – Peom

Everyday I wake up my life gets worse,
but there’s only one thing to complete my curse.
Since the begining I thought I had a friend,
but he f***ed it up in the end.

The urge to kill people grows stronger each day,
so what the f*** do you expect to hear me say.
I’m filled with hatred and a shit load of anger,
and some people think that makes me a danger.
Because of these feelings I can’t sleep at night,
cause my dreams are filled with horrors of things I can’t fight.
I haven’t cried in over four years,
and there’s only one person who can make me shed tears.
But that doesn’t change the feelings inside,
and how I feel I’ll nolonger hide.
The thought of death doesn’t bother me,
I’m going to hell so let me be.
F*** the world just f*** it all,
I’ll have to fight until my last fall.
I’ll have to fight to survive this hell,
cause God’s a prick and won’t ring my bell.
Alot of shit happens so leave me alone,
just continue your life as a mindless drone.
I’ll live my life the way I want to,
so go to hell and oh f*** you.

By unforgiven soul

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