Nadja’s Fantasy

Nadja sat in her seat in the back corner of the classroom. She’s not anti-social…far from it. She liked to get a view on everyone, to keep her classmates in her line of vision.

Andrew was whom she was watching now. She admired him. He was a little shorter than her, most boys were, and he had pale skin and dark hair that was always neat. He wasn’t the hottest boy in the school, but he was attractive. Not only that, but he was funny, friendly, and he had a voice that made him seem like he was tired of talking. The more Nadja thought of him, the more mysterious he became to her.
Mrs. Tuck was calling people up to hand them back their test papers. The rows of desks were perfectly straight, and on the right side of each desk was a metal bar, connected the desk and the chair so that you could only get out of your desk from the left. Students find this extremely annoying, but the teachers don’t care.
As Andrew stood up to receive his test paper, Nadja could imagine her arms slipping underneath Andrew’s, hugging him from behind, his ass close to her secret area. She imagined her hands on his stomach, moving down to his dick, holding it for a moment and then letting go. As she pulled her hands away, she could feel his dick hardening under his pants. In her fantasy she moved around him, barely an inch away from his body, until she was facing him. Her secret area was inches away from his hard dick. She moves her hands to his stomach, and then around his body until she was hugging him, her leg between his legs, her lips on the back of his neck. She moved her tongue around his neck, around his chin and into his mouth. His hands moved to her stomach and around her lower back, holding her there as their tongues touched and they kissed.
But then Andrew took his seat again and Nadja snapped back to listening for her name to be called. In science class, the last class of the day, Nadja kept fantasizing about Andrew and her in Ms. O’Leary’s room engaging in “activities.” These are all fantasies of course. Nadja never expressed or even given the slightest hint of her feelings whenever she talked to Andrew. They were just friends, besides, Nadja had a boyfriend whom she loved. These were just little fantasies that meant nothing in the long-run. Nadja kept her secrets to herself and to the paper in front of her, until she gave it to her friend Meeko Meegs, who was shocked about Nadja’s thoughts. Being as shocked as she was, Meeko Meegs ate the paper so that all evidence would be destroyed. Nadja continues to write EROTICA stories about Andrew, and this is only the beginning.