Nadja’s Fantasy2

Nadja sat at the back of the media center at her school by herself. She got in trouble for talking, so the substitute teacher sent her back here to work by herself. She was reading her book when Andrew walked to another table and sat down.

The section was fairly small, with a couple of tables and chairs. Shelves of books surrounded them. Nadja looked up from her book every once in awhile and watched Andrew write in his binder. She quickly turned back to her book every time he moved his arm or looked up, and once she knew he wasn’t looking, she looked up again.
Nadja started daydreaming of him. In her fantasy, Andrew was sitting in his chair, and Nadja was sitting on his legs, facing him. She put her hands on his shoulders and slid them down is arms, and as she did she moved in closer. Their lips brushed, and then they kissed. Nadja moved her hands to his stomach and around his waist as their tongues touched. His hands slid under her shirt and up to her breasts, where he stopped and squeezed gently. He continued to press his lips against hers. Then he pulled away to lift her shirt over her head, exposing her breasts. Andrew looked at them for a moment, and then looked up at Nadja’s eyes. She smiled as she put her hands around his head and pushed his lips closer to her breasts. His lips brushed against her nipples, Nadja moved closer to Andrew’s body, and he licked her nipples. Her fingers moved through his hair and she sighed in pleasure as her hardened nipples became wet around Andrew’s tongue.
Nadja pushed his head away and stood up, gesturing her arms for him to do the same. Andrew did so, and Nadja kneeled down and took off his pants and his boxers. Nadja wrapped her tongue around him, pulling him in and out of her mouth…
Nadja looked back to her book when she realized that Andrew saw her staring at him. The bell rang then, and Nadja gathered her books and went upstairs to her next class…which she would have with Andrew.