God, you were perfect. It was as if Aphrodite herself had taken her pure life-force, and transmuted it into a monolith of marble and with tools of gold and ivory, she fashioned it into your form.

Let me try to descibe the first moment we touched. It was as if we were dry, dead leaves, spontaneously ignited into a towering inferno, with flames so bright and high they filled the whole universe with light. No corner was dark. No sadness was felt. Even GOD himself turned and GASPED -in awe- at our perfection. The stars fell from the sky and lit the room for us, whilst angels fanned us with their wings. Your face was lit up in ethereal moonlight and for a tiny fraction of time… We were in heaven. We ruled heaven, you and I, for that split second.

I could have loved you, you know?
Really loved.
But to you I guess I was a throwaway. Cheap. Worthless.