Natalie – part two

As Natalie continued to walk in the cold to the station she glanced over at the brightly-lit billboard across the road form her.
“ You are what you eat.”

A smile formed on Natalie’s face as it did every time she read the sign. She didn’t know what it was about that sentence but it seemed to stir something deep within her. Natalie turned back and carried on walking and thinking about Daniel. As she walked with her music loud in her ears, Natalie was oblivious to the fact that someone had been eagerly trying to get her attention until a sharp tap was felt on her exposed shoulder. Natalie immediately spun around, letting her headphones drop to the side of her still blaring out her music. She turned to face two boys, one of which was on a dark green BMX.
They both appeared to dress similar but then they would, wouldn’t they! The boy on the bike looked impatient, he wore an Adidas baseball cap, a navy blue Reebok T-shirt and jogging bottoms. The other boy wore a pink Rugby shirt and white lotto trouser.
As Natalie stood looking at them she thought to herself “ Why the hell is he wearing pink? Is he trying to be a girl? And they make fun of us!” Natalie smiled to herself as she stood there.

One of the boys eventually dared speak. “ Why do you like him/ her?” he said in a very stupid accent whilst pointing to Natalie’s Marilyn Manson hoodie. “ Is it true what they say about him?”
Natalie knew where this was going; she was going to be ridiculed yet again.
“No, it’s not true” Natalie replied in a very ‘matter of fact’ tone to the disgust of the boys.
“Where can you get music like THAT?” the boys were just beginning to have their fun.
“ From a music shop!” Natalie replied being sarcastic.
Natalie knew she shouldn’t have been sarcastic but she was so fucking fed up with all the questions.
“Excuse me” the boy in pink replied as he and his mate closed in on Natalie. “What did you say…. Bitch?”
Natalie slowly edged backwards until she was backed completely against a tree. Natalie started to panic as memories suddenly came flooding back of the last time she was against a tree with two boys in front of her but last time one of them was her ex-boyfriend.

Natalie had been in a public park, at night when it happened. She had decided to go for a walk after having a bit to drink at her mates’ party. Natalie hadn’t seen or heard them coming until she felt to familiar hands on her waist. She shivered, as his hands were cold against her warm pale skin. Natalie stopped and turned to face her ex-boyfriend Michael. A smile came to her face as he pulled her closer to kiss her but she turned away and shook her head muttering “Play nice.”
Michael had always been a gentle, caring boyfriend, he always told her, she was the only one he loved and that he would always love her. She trusted him dearly and knew he would never hurt her. But tonight was different; there was something in Michael’s eyes Natalie did not like.
Michael’s grasp tightened around Natalie’s waist.
“ I’m sick of fucking playing nice, now its my turn.” With that Michael laughed and looked straight past Natalie. She noticed he was no longer looking at her and turned around just in time to see a face come out of the shadows. It was Andy, one of Michael’s closest mates. Natalie jumped, as he appeared, she had not seen him slip pasted her and Michael earlier.
Michael let go of Natalie’s waist and as he moved to stand next to Andy he let his hand slid over her arse. Andy and Michael both looked at each other and then back at Natalie and smiled.
Natalie didn’t quite know what to expect but she knew that she couldn’t take both of them on especially after the few drinks of Vodka, Tia Maria and coke she had drunk. Come to think of it Michael had been the main supplier of her drink. Now she understood and didn’t like the bigger picture.

Andy and Michael edged towards her, Natalie took a few steps backwards, she couldn’t see where she was going and she didn’t know where she was. She felt something behind her, it was a tree. Now there was no where Natalie could go she was trapped and the boys were loving it. Andy lend forward and grabbed her hands holding them tightly together whilst Michael placed his hands once again oh her waist. This time his hands did not linger on her waist for long but proceeded to the bottom of her black top. She knew what he was going to do, she thought about struggling but what would that do for her? Maybe she’d get hit for not ‘playing nice’! Natalie knew no good would come out of struggling. Just as she was thinking this to herself, Michael roughly pulled Natalie’s top off to reveal a black bra and a fast beating heart. Natalie gasped as the cold air beat down on her pale exposed skin. Andy loosened his grip on he hands and eventually let go only so his hands were free to rest on her breasts. Natalie tried to stop him but Michael had control of her now and took over from where Andy had been holding her hands. He only held her with one hand whilst the other trailed down to rest on the top of her trousers.
“Michael don’t, please don’t” Natalie pleaded but Michael only laughed. He moved his hand from the top of her trousers and began to run it down her thigh; he stopped and rests his hand between Natalie’s legs rubbing gently, teasing her. Natalie didn’t know what would happen but then just as Andy was about to undo her bra she heard someone approach. The boys panicked and quickly left leaving Natalie topless and alone in the dark. She waited for someone to approach but no one did, she was completely alone in the park. She sighed and slid down the tree grazing her back as she did so.

Even just thinking about it now made Natalie cry. As she was backed up against the tree she began to cry softly. Natalie slid down the tree and huddled herself up wishing Daniel was there but she seemed in her pain to realise, he never would be. Never would he come to her, hold her, tell her everything would be okay. Never would he let her touch him. She had to face it there was no one to be there for her, the same s it had always been. That’s why she cut so she could escape it all, and, it worked.
She hated showing weakness in front of the likes of these boys but she couldn’t help it the feeling of what happened was still fresh, too fresh, picking at her day in, day out.
“Come on jus’ leave ‘er” the boy on the bike said as he turned to cycle away. The boy in the pink was a little reluctant but eventually he left her with his laughter ringing in her ears.
Natalie gathered herself together again and carried on her walk to the train station knowing that soon she’ll be back home, soon she’ll be in her room, with her knife.

By Princess_Dru

Hey! my names dru woohoo! i like this site and i love writtin my stories and poems! ummm i can and do gt pissed off so watch out! mwah! i cn be a depressed lil bitch 2 but if u need ne help jst cum talk 2 lil old me!

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