Nature of Things

I see your eyes withering as you take your last breath.
Sadness overcomes me, embracing you, chest to chest.
The tears flow freely, my Love is soon to Die.
And all I can think, and wonder, and ponder,…is why?

What made these trees, what made these birds,
What gave us Life, and brings us Death?
What is it about the way of Life,
Why does it all Exist?

God. I trust not thee,
I love not thou, I never will again.
But is it really He,
That brings us all this pain?

I wonder Why, I wonder how,
I wonder When and Where
I find myself asking “How?”
Why does nobody care?

Black and White, Life and Death,
And all the Love and Hate.
Is it all predetermined?
Is Life just really Fate?

Lying beside me, cold and bloody; dieing.
How could it all end like this? And still…I am crying.