nature possesed.

it was a hell of a shock for amy when steve, not andrew, opened the door. first of all, it was andrew’s house. and secondly, she hadnt seen steve since she and andrew broke up. he was just as suprised too. “where’s andrew?” she asked, standing at the door. “i’m……uh….house sitting for him. he and his mom had to leave town for something, i dont know what, but they said they’d be back sometime within a week

…..” Amy stoped listening at “i’m uh”. she had stopped by to return andrew’s hunting knife, take a much needed shower, and snag a ride home. she pushed past him into the house as he stood there stammering out his explanation. “so why are you here amy?” “give andrew his knife and use his shower” steve started to ask why, but she turned around to face him then, and when their eyes locked he saw why. she had the radient look of someone who’d been camping for a week. Real camping. not the sub-urbian sissy shit where the family went to a park and needed a damn SUV to load all their supplies. no, this was the type of camping where one was out in the middle of god’s no where, the type of camping where one looked for one’s own shelter, had only a knife or two and maybe a lighter, hunted for meals, not canned shit, and god help any bear that came across the camper’s path because it had one chance to run off before it was killed. Amy had done this kind of camping for a week and GODDAMN she loved it. Steve saw all of this in her eyes, and she knew it too, so she turned to the shower without a word, stopping by andrew’s room to toss the knife in.

Steve sat down on a couch in the living room, and thought about amy, naked and showering one room away from him. he really didnt know her that well, they’d only met because he was andrew’s friend, and he’d come over a few times when amy and him were still together. steve thought back to the last time he and amy had met. andrew left to go to the store and get beer, and steve and amy had talked for awhile, and then kissed. nothing big, just an innocent little closed mouth kiss, then they went back to talking. but that one kiss had left them wanting more. for some reason they never followed up on it, even after amy and andrew broke up. steve sat for all of two minutes before he decided to at leaset try to get a peek of amy nude, for curiosity’s sake.

she already was in the shower. and her back was to the door. and, to steve’s good luck, the clear shower curtain was pulled back a little so he could see in. he crept in and quietly closed the door, excited and scared at the same time. excited because he had fantasized about this for awhile. scared because he had a feeling amy would kill him if she caught him. amy’s back was still turned to him. but she wasnt moving. she was just standing there. he understood immediately that she was taking in the hot water’s pounding. even though amy loved the camping she had done, it was still hard on a person’s body, so for now, before she cleaned herself , she was gonna let the water relax her. steve’s eye slid up and down her curves. even with amy’s back to him, he could see the very outline of her perfect breasts. then he noticed that her slender, yet powerfully muscular legs had very little hair on them for camping for a week. then he saw tiny little cuts on her legs. he didnt know this, but amy had taken a friend with her this time. racheal. one day in the middle of the week, racheal couldnt stand all the hair that had grown on their legs and demanded that they both use the little disposable razor she brought. amy was disgusted that racheal even brought it. when she camped, amy let go of any civilized part of her and let nature take its hold in her. petty things like appearance didnt matter at that point. but racheal was getting more vocal, and to shut her up, amy gave in. then something odd happened. while amy was shaving her leg, she got a particularly bad cut on her leg. racheal immediately bent to lick up the ruby blood running down amy’s leg. then she started to lick higher up on amy’s thigh, to amy’s pussy. this was a side of racheal amy had never seen. in life, racheal was shy about anything to do with sex, especially girl on girl. but now, here in the woods, she was different. amy watched in hot amusement as racheal began to eat her out. but through the immense pleasure amy knew she had to stop racheal. it wasn’t like her, and when they got out of the woods, racheal would be horrified at what she’d done. so amy stopped her, much as she wanted to go on. racheal begged and pleaded and cried, and it took a slap in the face to snap her out of it. that was the last of the use of the razor, and so three days later, steve saw less hair on amy than he expected. in fact, there was practically none, it took awhile for amy’s leg hairs to grow back. but steve didnt think of this too long, his mind grew heavy with the thoughts of other things. too bad he didnt ask, he might have liked the little story.

amy finally moved and picked up a bottle of shampoo, rubbed a good amount into lather on her hair, and turned around to rinse it out. steve ducked a little, but amy had her eys close. steve couldnt believe it. he had full frontal nudity of amy, and she didnt even realize he was there! dear god she was so hot!steve’s eyes hungrily devoured amy, and then went back for seconds. her chest, her pussy, her whole sleek yet curvy body was too much to handle, and steve was aroused in no time. all thoughts soon went to what he wanted to do, and he stopped paying attention to hiding. it was when amy was using andrew’s body wash and had her back to steve still that she said in a clear, yet dark tone “i kow you’re behind me. i knew the second you came in. enjoy?”

steve stood there dumb founded. why hadnt she said anything? then amy looked over her shoulders at him, and for the life of him she was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen, hot water that steamed and rolled down her body added more to it, and he saw her plea, no, her demand for him to join her. his clothes were on the floor in two seconds, and in doing so, hit the light switch. steve went to turn them back on, but the command that came from the shower stayed his hand. “leave. them. off.”

steve couldnt figure it out. he was shaking with excitment as he stepped into the shower, but there was something else. uncertainy? amy was different tonight, but he couldnt place how. that was the last thing he truely thought. amy’s hand shot out of the dark and grabbed his already hard penis, and brought his body to hers. she wrapped her free arm around his neck and brought his mouth to hers, and kissed steve with a passion andrew never knew from her, amy’s tongue darting here and running there, leading steve’s tongue in a race in their combined mouths. his hands moveedd up to play with her breasts, her nipples, but amy removed both her hands and pushed his to his side, keeping them there. then she started to kiss and lick her way down to his throbbing rock hard dick, and when she got there, she took it in her mouth. just the head at first, licking and teasing the hell out of him, pulling moan after moan from between his lips, then, just as he started to ache from the pleasure and pain, she quickly and almost violently took the whole thing in, sucking harder and faster than anyone steve had ever been with before.

one of his hands got loose from hers somehow, but he only managed to clumsily place it at the nape of her neck. amy allowed this, and used the free hand to grasp his ass. she felt his body tense, so she stopped and stood to face him. he panted for breath, and his eyes begged for more, and then he realized what was happening, and, in a desperate attempt to regain dominance over this woman, he picked her up by her hips, pinned her to the shower wall where the water poured over them both, and proceeded to try to tease her. steve rubbed the head of his dick against her clit, placed it slightly in her wet pussy, then pulled back and started over. just when he thought he was in control, she used her hips, dug her heels into his back, and amy pulled steve into her completely.

the feel of her pussy completely around him and the sudden loss of his control made steve gasp harder for breath. even with her pinned against the wall, she still had him. bunow she controlled their movements, and steve started to like it. never had he once been so dominated. there had been one time, but once foreplay was over, he was the one calling the shots. but now, amy was using her legs and even the rest of her body to control him, and it was blowing him out of his mind. amy teased the head of steve’s cock once more, then pulled it into her deeper then before. she stopped. looked into his eyes, and in ragged breathes whispered “what do you want?” “ride me” “how hard?” “hurt me” and she did. against all laws of science, she rode him with her back against the wall, and when his orgasm finally hit him, he harshly screamed into her shoulder, and at the same time, amy bit his neck as she came too. together they slid down the wall, onto the floor of the shower stall their chests heaving in time with each other’s, and in the darkness, he could see that something left the woods with amy this time. something wild and savage.

this is the first time i’ve written for this section, sorry for it’s length. hope you guys like it anyways.

By mistress faruzah

losing your viginity at a church is quite the experience