Necron the place between heaven and hell

Necron the land of darkness
It is not heaven and not hell
It is a place where the creatures of shadows live and belong
All around, lakes with water as black as night

The only trees that are there, died for many years ago
As far as your eye sees you see only the gloom waste fields
It is a land of despair and deception
It is a place of darkness and shadow
It is a sanctuary for the enlightened of darkness
And with every step you take
You see the boundaries of the earth chance
From the sky falls the one lost spirit after an another
Falling into the mighty lake of fire
Where their soul finds it final resting place
I know someday you will find Necron
But you will not fear it
Because if you are true in your heart and nature
I will find you and show you the world as your never have before experienced
Together two lost spirits in the realm of the lost and abandoned
Someday my love
Someday we will unite

By Nightblood

17 and from the cold Denmark. I have always loved to wirte poems, and when i found i feel in love with it