Last night I was in the cemetary with someone I like. I knew I could do it, I knew this was it but it wasnt. I had once again become a coward and shied off into a little corner in my mind afraid of what she might say. Lately I have found myself having problems asking people out. I havent been able to gain the courage to do it because im afraid of what she might say or even worse I might damage our friendship. If any of you have any encouraging advice please let me know.


  1. I know what you are going threw, all I can say is get close to this person or any other ppl you like and then fter geting to know them of he/she likes you or you think he/she does than ask Him/her out…you won’t all ways be protected and if you never go for it than you will be 72 and alone thimking “i wounder what he/she would have said” but thata just my advice

  2. I’ve been the same of late. But I did tell the other that I did love them, but unfortunately it seemed at the time that the timing wasn’t right. I knew that at the the time, but I did have to say it anyway, just to let them know. You know love doesn’t always have to do with a love relationship, it can just filter into strong friendships as well.

    If you just want to go out to get to know the other, do so, there is no harm in getting to know the other person first to find out how things will work out. Sometimes letting things develop on their own may be better. Just ask to get to know, other things can come later.

  3. i Am going though the same thing, m,y feelings are buried deep within, i hate myself for it, but now i can show them a bit, i also love a girl, i dont like her, I love her…
    SAy it befor it is to late

    GO for IT!!!

  4. this may seem a little bold, but

    just do it.

    what’s the worse that can happen???

    the person could say no.

  5. besides, if you don’t do it, the what if will haunt you for the rest of your life.

  6. Love… love..

    better written on blood. Do you like her? Does it feels like you don’t like anything but her?

    Perhaps you are not man inside, you fear the girl, you fear rejection but yet.. you don’t fear yourself.

    Fear is the instrument of the Darkness of your soul. But you are not a coward. Without it, you’ll still be living on the hollow world of disgust. Full of primitive people.

    But I can help you change that fear to strength…

    Embrace the Darkness, corruptive but do not fear. You are shying away to place where you were truly born.

    Accept it and we’ll meet again…


  7. ok just think,if you didnt tell the person you love the first day,you’ll tell your self,you’ll do it the next,but you wont,im having the same problem you are,you’ll keep saying you’ll do it later,but you never do,until the day come’s that your love is getting married,and your crying your eye’s out,and then…next…..thay die! then you find out thay loved you to…and you regreat your whoooole life,so jsut grit your teeth and say it!!

  8. Like everbody else in this side told, me a “life without risks is no life at all”
    I love that sentence

  9. think of it this way. if you don’t ask her out. someone else will. and usually that happens when you’re ten feet away finally gotten the courage and were just about to approach her and ask her. life’s fucked up with irony like that. make your move before someone else does.

  10. Hey just go for it ask them out i mean if they say no and it damages your friendship then they werent your friends in the first place maybe they were and u could try to repair your relationship with them

  11. like everyones says, just go for it. i mean, dont worry about if it works out with all the magic of love and shit.. just remember that if it doesnt, you atleast gave it a try instead of always wondering that infinite question..”WHAT IF”

    good luck when you get the courage…
    ive been there and i know how it feels.

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