There is nothing in this world for me. Nothing of substance.
There cannot be companionship, happiness or even lonliness anymore. Everything is void & I can’t understand why. I can only press on, moving forward for no reason. Only to survive.
But why? What’s the point?
Doesn’t matter anymore.
Only the cold & thoughts of a better life accompany me on this journey. Like a book with no beginning & no end, I exist to entertain others with my apathy.
Will it end? I don’t care. I only want the cold to stop.
I’m doomed to roam the earth waiting for the eternal nothingness. Wishing for a breath of fresh air so that others may see my plight. Knowing that they never will.
This is my cross to bear, this is my life to live.
Don’t pity me. Don’t go out of your way to feel like a good person by trying to help me. Just learn from me & move on.
I am your worst fears personified. That’s why you shouldn’t like me, get close to me, or try to cheer me up.
I am your lesson for the day.
Here endeth the lesson.