Net Friends

They had known each other for 8 months when they decided to meet up. They had met in an msn chat room, swapped their e-mails and had been talking through MSN Messenger ever since. Over the 8 months they had gone from being friends to really good friends to thinking they were in love with each other, all that from a couple of pictures and some text on a computer monitor, but they made each other happy.

After talking on the phone for at least an hour every day they were positive that neither were paedophiles and so they decided that it would be okay to *cyber* with each other. Jessie could give Xander a hard on as she was talented with her writing and he was good at making her feel special.

Jessie and Xander set the date for the half term break as they were both in their first year of college. Im sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, Im Jane, Jessie’s best mate, I have been since primary school, anyway, half term came and they planned to meet up at the train station (Xander lived in Wales and Jessie near Liverpool). I went with her to the station as she was really nervous, and I was curious to see the Welsh boy. He stepped off the train, we knew it was him ‘cause he was the only one, I have to admit he was Very tasty, but I had to behave myself, she was my best friend after all. He came straight over and hugged me then Jessie, his hands started to wander over her shoulders, down her back and onto her ass, she wasn’t comfortable with this, she could be really shy at times, so I suggested we get a move on to the cinema to get the good seats.

We bought our popcorn and our small tubs of baileys ice-cream and the tickets to go watch ‘The Ring’ then took our places on the back row, because the seats are comfiest there. I was half watching the film and half watching what was going on next to me, 20 minutes into the film Xander’s hand had found its way onto Jessie’s thigh and he was stroking her leg, slowly working his way higher. She didn’t mind this as much as the hug he had given her earlier, maybe because she had her favourite jeans on, meaning he couldn’t go too far, maybe it was because she was relaxing more around him, or maybe just because she felt safer in the dim lights of the cinema, away from prying eyes, busy bodies on the station platform. He placed his other arm round her shoulders but his hand found it’s way to my shoulder, which he started to rub gently. Jessie rested her head on his shoulder and her hand on his thigh, at this distraction of her attention Xander looked over to me, and of cause I was already looking at him, he winked at me which confirmed to me that his hand was meant to be on my shoulder.

As I said before he was very nice looking, he had short dark brown hair, he had it gelled up into spikes, each of which had a subtle red tip, he had deep brown eyes which had a bright sparkle when in the daylight, his teeth where polished, white and even, his nose was a little on the large side but, nobody is perfect, his lips were a pale red, they looked very juicy and kissable. Jessie had shoulder length warm brown hair, which had a red shine to it when she was in the sunlight, she was however planning on dying it an electric shade of purple, she had warm brown eyes framed by black eyeliner and long lashes, she had pale skin which she was proud of and often wore black to emphasise it, she hated her nose but I think it suits her, her lips too were perfect for her face.


  1. There is a continuation its just been posted in the erotica section. its called ‘In the cinema (net friends part 2)’ if you are interested

  2. damn school computer’s restrictions.. I can’t get to it. Anyway I can pass thro the restrictions and see it?

  3. see i had a feeling this was gonna turn pornographic. it’s a gift i have.

  4. the sotry is interesting…i’m gonna go and read the next part rite now.

  5. the story is interesting…i’m gonna go and read the next part rite now.

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