never before

vampire as i looked up from her neck blood dripping from my mouth i saw a face staring back oh fuck he found me i left her there half drained running as fast as i could in the other direction knowing he wouldnt catch up but he has his ways of catching you he normally cut around jumping through the window flying through the air i wiped my mouth behind i heard him scream in frustration as he came to the broken window and saw i had jumped my feet hitting the floor i turned and looked his eyes burned into mine then i ran until i found myself in a moonlit park after only having half the feed i need to keep me going i collapsed on a bench breathing hard i bearly heard her approch me looking up i saw a pale face with long blonde hair framing it her eyes were i wonderful shade of green still smiling at me she asked if i was ok nodding i replied yes sitting down next to me and putting her hand on my shoulder i shivered never before had anyone touched me with her intetion before i looked into her eyes seeing my sweaty face mirrored in them i began to laugh at myself looking puzzled she began to get up but the hunger in my made me grab her hand and make her sit back down i apoligised for laughing we began to talk about nothing particular mainly abpt music and style considering we had these things in common then all of a sudden she was leaning toward me as if to kiss me but she grabbed me with a strength i would have never expected then all at once i understood bearing her fangs i let her bite me recoiling she looked into my face i thought of food my fangs appeared she laughed i cant believe it as if i nearly bit you was he chasing you? yes grabbing my hand she said shall we the world is at our feet lets go out and use our time!

By xXxAllyxXx

erm quite but friendly aparently morbid and gone in the head (erm....what to put) not much self estem