Never Let Go..(of memories)

I never let go of what used to be,Even though there is no hope left, nothing but happy old thoughts
A small portion of my heart knows that what once existed was right..
Something keeps me holding on of the past,For I will never let you go
I hold on to memories
Memories where happiness existed and was the basis of my life
When we were joined and you were mine
All that I ever wanted was suddenly in my reach and in my arms, But then just like a dream, it drifts away,Far from my reach, I watch the memories flow by
I am forced to watch him not want me….
All I can’t say is what I think
And all I can’t do is let go…..
Dreaming that oneday I will reach him again
And things will be just like the old memories…
He just doesnt realize that our memories should be and is meant to be reality___
It was so real and so right, Just like I have done so far..
I Will Never Let Go…

By un_luved_angel

well...there isn't much to say about me..I'm just another boring person here...