New Beginnings

My hand starts to tremble
I start to feel weak
Tears fall from my face like lil rain drops.
I fall to the ground
A pill bottle rolls away from my hand
Memories of my once happy life flash by me

My holding me, gram rocking me to sleep, daddy…I draw a blank there
Then I think of the reason for my death
Being slammed into walls, kicked down the steps, punched around.
I start to cry once again this time more violently.
I pray that god will take me now.
I am ready

My eyes close, I can tell that they are closing for the last time.
I smile as i hear my heart beat slow down
My thoughts subside
“Im going to die”
Glee is the feeling that over comes me

No more dealing with this world
No more putting up with him.
I am free
I feel my soul drift away
It gets cold
Suddenly I hear my mom

I think “Mom dont cry, I”ll be ok. I’ll go up to heaven and watch you momma. Please dont cry!. Dont you worry . I love you”

I let go at that moment.

By DarkEssence

Karah live in florida...not the brightest...hyperavctive....lost inside myself...n thoughts often deadli....Seriously