new life

im trying to identify the voices in my head
the ones telling me id be better off dead
im trying to figure out how they got there
and why they even fucking care

so im trying to forget all this shit
but i really only remember all those thing they wanted me to be…
and how they just didnt fit.
im trying to figure out who i want to be
im looking back at my past but there is nothing really to see

still thinking but starting to move on
went to find myself prbably wont be back for a while
wait i think i remember the past now…
it was me and a knife
and i was cutting myself like it was going out of style

and i remember those times that i went out with my friends
they would ask me whats wrong
i never really told them though
i knew they couldnt take the news of me being like this
they just werent that strong

so i think its time to move on now
and make a pretty little blood free future
and lets change from the past, dont wanna die
lets move away from all that blur
no more inside strories, no, no secrets or lies

new life, yeah lets start one of those
forget the past, thats bullshit
new life, new life, forget what was,
new life, i want one.

By nessa

names venessa. everyone calls me nessa. im 14 and im an evil little gothic girl from NY. i am wiccan. i love my friends, boyfriend, and music. and i hate...just about everything else.. bye now.