(wherever you think it’ll fit. I’m guessing poetry 😉

We have a special report
for all you folks tuning in on your
short-wave radio’s tonight.

There have been a series of leg thefts
around Europe in recent days
with up to seventeen legs reported missing.

There has been growing concern
amidst officials that these thieves will
progress to the pilfering of more critical body parts.

This growing crime wave has been attributed
to a serious lack in production of artificial limbs
with a mere twenty nine legs being produced each year.

Butchered victims have been admitted to hospital
while an inquiry has been established to
ascertain the whereabouts of these shameless criminals.

Police despair that these crimes will spawn
a wave of copycat body-part snatchers
leaving the general public up in arms.

By Audryn

I search for truth and understanding...