night mistress

a midnight mistress danced in his room. candle light burned on the wall like a fire of sacrafice. her smile was warm and welcoming. he watched with cold desire feeling no warmth from her body but lust from her lips.

she danced closer with deaths welcoming arms. upon her touch his skin is cooled. her eyes burned with hate and desire. she smiles and her deadly kiss lures him to her. before a heartbeat could escape she had what she wanted.
he went limp as she came to life. blood trailed across her lips shinining like dark lipstick. his hands were cold and his eyes unshifting. she let him drop like a used toy her dance once again in the flickering light.
Death by her side in this mascarade of lust. together they bring the end the midnight mistress and her desire of warmth.

By irispurple

gothic pagan very much in love with a discordian that has been deployed.